Beginnings and the Horizon

Wolves Waiting Patiently

Wolves Waiting Patiently

“Our actions are like ships which we may watch set out to sea, and not know when or with what cargo they will return to port.” -Iris Murdoch, The Bell

Thank you for joining us on this great adventure! We are now celebrating the mark of year one in the Fat Pitch Investments evolution. Yes an evolution! because F.P.I. knows that in order to survive and thrive we will constantly need to evolve our goals and aggregation on investment musings.

The starting point of F.P.I. began a very long time ago. 2009 at Chapman University when the two founders Dennes Lupastean and Jonathan Ruffalo met in a 3rd year undergrad finance class.

We were united in three ways, excelling in studies, land-blasting academia euphoria on market principals, and each placing top of the class in multiple investment competitions. There was much common ground to say the least! And we both quickly realized the talent each possessed.

Since then we have continued to push each other to set and achieve goals. Goals that place each of us in new and sometimes awkward situations, a necessity for each of us to grow as investors with a clear-minded and strong purpose; and that purpose is much more than just the superficial out-performance of our market index. That purpose, to develop a pack of close and trusted investors who will stand rooted with us for the next 50 years. Who will continue to keep an open mind to our deliberate and paced principals of value investing and risk adjusted reward profiles. Who will understand that long term health in the marketplace takes patience and willingness to sometimes sit on the sideline. Who will join us when great opportunity is spotted when the general public sees nothing. Those who understand that small opportunities can be grown at a compounding rate with an planned exit not for many years into the future.

We thank all of you who have stood by us for the many years we have been together. We look forward to the many years to come and repaying all of your kindness and understanding not only back to you but others that we can one day also help nurture and develop. 


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